The COGIC church families carry secrets and don’t want them to come out | Molestation & Abuse


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# Impact of Abuse and Molestation within Families and the Church

## Introduction
What is going on everybody? Hope all is well. Listen, we did AI dropped an audio this week or yes, this week, I dropped an audio this week and everybody was like, oh my god, what is going on? Uh I have the baby. I have the oldest daughter here. I have the baby boy here. We’re going to talk about this for a little bit because this is a serious thing that’s going on within our families, not just in the church but also within the world. Here’s my disclaimer right here. Disclaimer. let’s anyways, Get ready to get into the show. It was all a dream.

## Sharing Personal Stories
Hey, everybody. Listen. let’s go ahead and get started with the show. I’m going to show you all my face. Oh, handsome self. Hey, everybody. So, listen, we’re getting ready to go start with the show. Um I dropped this audio this week. Uh I think I dropped this Sunday or Monday and um everybody’s going crazy like, oh my god, what is going on? This is saying, oh lord, wow, this is going on in the church. This is a telltale story that is often told once too many times but this goes on um III actually have the privilege of knowing a part of the family and um being able to share their story. Another story with you all now that we’re beating up per se on the church but these are individuals who have stories from within the church. So, I’m going to introduce um the baby boy and then I’m going to also introduce the older sister.

## Impact on Victims
What we’re dealing with here is that how people have went down through the years and they have kept secrets of incest and molestation. Yes, it’s true. It happens and a lot of times the victim. when it happens, the victims tends to which are some parent sometime uncles sometimes friends, you know, from all walks of life or it could be a coworker. It could be anybody that’s have been to introduced to abuse and that end up in a uh an abusive way of life. I want to put it and thing that I want to say. I just want to let fathers and mothers that have let this type of thing go on and have so stiff, severely abused children, innocent children by one shaking their hands down, shaking a girl’s pants down and then shaking the boy’s DVDs down and then going to sit up and cover this stuff up like you know, nothing’s going on.

## Speaking Up Against Abuse
People want to keep it a secret. They want to sweep it under the rug. They don’t want to talk about it. Well, you have to about it because it’s a life. It’s things that happens every day and the sad part about it, I had to be counseled for almost 39 years My ex-husband had introduced me to The lady, the woman of god that he placed in my life, her name was prophetess Betty Allen. I came to her as a 24-year-old victim messed up in my mind because as a child, at the age of three, I was severely and mentally and physically abused by my parents. and to get no help. all the way till I was big enough to be able to leave. and you know and and and and go and and then turn around and turn the parent in so they could pull my two youngest sisters away from being preyed on like an animal in the streets.

## Taking a Stand
There’s no way in the world that we as a people can keep ignoring abuse, sexual abuse because it happens and we have to take a stand as a nation and a people to do something and to say something about it. The longer we keep it under the rug behind the back door, under the refrigerator, in the bedroom, closet in the dresser, it ain’t going to never, it ain’t going to never go undone and the first thing they’re going to tell you if you tell somebody, I’ll kill you. Well, I’m here to tell you that you will not die. God will let you live and not die and declare his works because first of all, you gotta look at a child that innocent. I was 3 years old. There’s no way in the world that somebody could be that mentally ill to want to do something like that to an innocent child.

## Conclusion
There’s no way in the world and for us to sit up, they should have all kind of things and I’m not saying that they don’t have it where people can get help. I want to tell the young child…


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