Robert Durst Convicted of Murder #Shorts


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Robert Durst Convicted of Murder #Shorts

Robert Durst Found Guilty of Murder

Robert Durst, the millionaire who was the subject of the documentary « The Jinx, » was found guilty of murder, finally. A California jury found Durst guilty of the murder of Susan Berman, who was going to tell the police how she helped Durst cover up a different murder. She was shot in the back of the head before she could testify. And Robert Durst was found guilty of that murder, and believe it or not, the tapes from « The Jinx » played a crucial role in convicting Durst.

Role of « The Jinx » Tapes

After filmmaker Andrew Jarecki turned those tapes over to the LAPD, they issued an arrest warrant and arrested Durst in 2015, and he has now been found guilty. You might recall that Durst was acquitted of the 2001 murder of Morris Black, his neighbor, though Durst admitted to dismembering the body and disposing of it. Durst will serve a mandatory life sentence in prison, and he’s not going to get out anytime soon.


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