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# Recreating Cartoon Heroine Looks with Second-Hand Pieces

## Introduction
Hi! It always feels weird to be at home, to turn on my camera and say hello to no one. It’s really been 7 hours I haven’t talked to anyone, and all of a sudden, I’m talking to… still no one but… I’ve wanted to make this video for a very long time. I realized it was going to take some time to film. The problem with being alone for too long is that you get paranoid I feel. I wanted to make this video for 2 reasons. Since my youngest age, I have been a big fan of disguise. I love dressing up, I love costumes. To celebrate this passion, I decided to make a video dedicated to the redhead girl of my youth.

## Exploring Second-Hand Pieces
I will only use second-hand pieces for these looks, sourced from platforms like Vinted and Percentil, as well as clothes I already own. I am looking for clothes in shades of orange, purple, pink, and red to recreate the outfits of these cartoon heroines.

## Unboxing Second-Hand Pieces
I received a package from the brand Percentil, known for their second-hand clothing offerings. The items arrived in good condition, although navigating their website could be improved. The vibrant colors and unique pieces make them perfect for the recreations.

## Trying on the Outfits
After carefully selecting the pieces, it’s time to try on the outfits inspired by cartoon heroines. From Daphnee from Scooby Doo to Sam from Totally Spies, each look is recreated with a mix of vintage and second-hand pieces. The process of styling and reworking the clothes adds a personal touch to each outfit.

## Conclusion
In the end, recreating these cartoon heroine looks with second-hand pieces was a fun and creative challenge. It not only allowed me to express my love for dressing up but also to appreciate the value of sustainable fashion. Each outfit tells a story and reflects the unique style of the characters that inspired them. It’s a reminder that fashion can be both playful and eco-friendly, with a bit of imagination and resourcefulness.


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