Amazing Scratch Paper Art Created With A Low-Cost Desktop Laser Engraver


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# Playing with Scratch Paper: A Fun Laser Art Project

## Introduction to Scratch Paper
So like I said today we’re going to be playing with scratch paper. Scratch paper is pretty awesome – it’s actually just like a cardstock of paper with something on the bottom. Most of the time it’s like rainbow and then a black top that you etch off. You can draw on it by scratching off the black layer with a stick.

## Using Lasers for Scratch Paper Art
Today, we’re going to take scratch paper art to the next level by using lasers. While drawing with a stick can be fun, using lasers adds a whole new dimension to the art. I’ll show you how to take an image, process it, and then burn it onto scratch paper using a laser.

## Creating Stunning Artwork
By following the steps I’ll outline, you’ll be able to create intricate and beautiful artwork on scratch paper. We’ll start by selecting an image, processing it using a free online tool called Imager, and then burning it onto the scratch paper. The end result will be a stunning piece of art, like the gargoyle image I’ve created on silver scratch paper.

## Step-by-Step Guide
1. Select an image of your choice, preferably with a black or white background for easier processing.
2. Save the image and upload it to Imager for processing.
3. Use the crop tool to adjust the image size and resolution for laser burning.
4. Select the Norton white tile painted black algorithm for optimal results.
5. Save the processed image in a suitable format for laser burning.
6. Use a laser to burn the image onto scratch paper, ensuring that dark areas are burned and light areas remain untouched.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create your own unique and personalized artwork on scratch paper using lasers. Let your creativity flow and see what amazing designs you can come up with!


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