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# Signs That a Guy is Only Interested in Sex

## Introduction
Being able to determine exactly what your man wants is crucial in any relationship. Does he want a relationship or is he only interested in sex? Knowing how to identify the signs can help you find a guy who aligns with your desires. In this article, we will discuss six signs that indicate a guy is only interested in sex.

## Sign 1: Sexual Phrases in Dating Profile
One of the first signs that a guy is only interested in sex is if he includes sexual phrases in his dating profile. These phrases can be overt, such as mentioning he is looking for a woman who is « DTF » or covert, like stating he is just looking to have fun or keep things casual. These phrases indicate that he is not interested in a committed relationship.

## Sign 2: Super Sexual Texts Early On
If a guy’s texts become super sexual right out of the gate, it could be a sign that he is only interested in sex. Men may do this to gauge your interest in sex or a more committed relationship. How you respond to these texts can help you determine his intentions.

## Sign 3: Seeing You on His Terms
A guy who is only interested in sex may only see you on his terms, making you compromise your schedule to meet his. This is a sign that he is in it for the casual connection and convenience, rather than investing in a deeper relationship.

## Sign 4: Conversation Always Turns Sexual
If every conversation with a guy always turns sexual when you are together, it is a clear sign that sex is his priority. He may avoid discussing deeper topics and focus solely on physical intimacy.

## Sign 5: Shuts Down When You Say No
A guy who is only interested in sex may react negatively when you tell him no. He may get frustrated, irritated, or even cold shoulder you if you are not willing to give him what he wants. This behavior indicates that he is not interested in anything beyond a physical relationship.

## Conclusion
Understanding these signs can help you navigate your relationships and ensure that you are with someone who wants the same things as you. Remember to communicate your boundaries and expectations clearly to avoid misunderstandings and potential hurt in the future.


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