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# Things You Should Never Tell Your Partner

## Introduction
So what are the things about yourself that you should never tell your partner because your partner doesn’t need to know? This question has been circulating for a while, and while some may avoid answering it, it’s important to address the impact of certain information on a relationship.

## The Impact of Secrets
Having secrets that you keep from your partner can create distance and hinder intimacy in a relationship. Fear of your partner’s reaction or rejection due to these secrets can prevent a true connection from forming.

## Five Things to Avoid Sharing
As you consider what information may not serve your relationship well, here are five categories of things you may want to avoid sharing with your partner:

### 1. Sexual Details About Past Partners
Sharing explicit details about past sexual experiences with ex-partners may not bring you closer together. Unless your partner expresses interest in this information, it’s best to refrain from discussing it to avoid creating discomfort or insecurity.

### 2. Things You Hate About Yourself
Vocalizing self-criticism or negative thoughts about yourself can be counterproductive. Instead of focusing on what you dislike, shift your mindset to self-love and compassion to maintain a healthy outlook on yourself and your relationship.

### 3. Insecurities About the Relationship
Expressing doubts or fears about the stability of your relationship can create unnecessary tension. It’s important to distinguish between valid concerns that need to be addressed and insecurities that stem from self-doubt or past experiences.

### 4. Judgmental Thoughts of Your Partner
During moments of heightened criticism or negativity, refrain from voicing judgmental thoughts about your partner. It’s crucial to maintain a respectful and supportive attitude towards your partner, even during challenging times.

## Conclusion
By being mindful of the information you share with your partner, you can nurture a healthy and mutually respectful relationship. Open communication, trust, and understanding are key components of fostering intimacy and connection with your partner.


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