5 Secret Ways to Make Him Afraid of Losing You | Relationship Advice For Women by Mat Boggs


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# Secrets to Creating a Rare and Valuable Relationship

## Drawing Out Masculinity Through Feminine Energy
Think about the most important relationships in your life, the ones that you would do anything for. The ones that if they called you in the middle of the night, you would be there. These particular relationships, they’re so rare, they mean so much to you. How do you create that experience with a man that you’re dating where that relationship becomes so rare, so valuable, he will do anything to keep that relationship in place. Today, I’m gonna share with you five secrets that do just that.

## Anchoring in Feminine Energy
The first attribute you want to use with someone who’s naturally a masculine man is to draw out his masculine by anchoring in your feminine energy. Masculine and feminine energy, we all have both energies. It’s rare to find someone who’s so grounded in her feminine energy that she’s not willing to jump right into the masculine if the guy’s having trouble shifting into his masculine.

## Being the Queen
Be the queen that you are. A queen makes the man in her life feel like a king. The queen raises everybody up and the queen has standards. The queen knows what she wants and she’s not willing to compromise her standards but she’s willing to do it in this authentic owning her value way.

## Appreciating Your Man
Appreciate him for meeting your needs. When he lives into that, like I was willing to choose that spot. I chose this sushi place and then I delivered on it. Your man needs to feel celebrated. Your man needs to feel capable in your presence. Your man needs to feel more of who he is in your presence. If he feels that way around you, that is an incredibly valuable experience.


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