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My Husband Wants Sex Too Often: The Importance of Love in Marriage

In a thought-provoking video by Paul Friedman, the founder of The Marriage Foundation, the question arises: what would happen if your partner didn’t want sex at all? Friedman argues that the essence of marriage lies in the pursuit of happiness, and that true happiness can only be achieved through love.

Friedman highlights the fact that as spiritual beings, we have a fundamental need for love. However, many women unintentionally transfer this need to their children, leaving their husbands feeling unfulfilled. He emphasizes that marriage is a voluntary commitment, a unique bond where love is given unconditionally, without any compulsion.

The problem, according to Friedman, is not that your husband wants too much sex, but rather that both partners are not fully satisfied by the sexual experience. The key lies in understanding the deeper significance of intercourse. It is not merely a physical act, but a beautiful bridge that connects the souls of married couples.

In our society, sex has become a commonplace activity, losing its sacredness. Friedman warns against engaging in premarital sex, as it can inadvertently close off one’s heart, preventing the full expression of love during intimate moments. He believes that to fully experience the benefits of marriage, couples must learn to express their love and loyalty through intercourse.

However, Friedman acknowledges that marriage is complex, requiring knowledge and understanding of its intricacies. He likens it to learning how to fly a helicopter, where one must master various skills and navigate numerous moving parts. Unfortunately, society often fails to provide adequate education on marriage, leaving couples ill-prepared for the challenges they may face.

Friedman dismisses the notion that the burden of a satisfying sexual relationship lies solely on the husband. Instead, he emphasizes that it is the responsibility of both partners, with the woman playing a crucial role as the heart of the relationship. He urges women to focus on cultivating unconditional love and learning how to connect and relate to their husbands, thereby nurturing a foundation of love.

In conclusion, Friedman rejects the idea of simply accepting that one’s husband wants too much sex. Instead, he encourages couples to invest time and energy into learning how to be married. By doing so, they can unlock the extraordinary benefits that come with a deep and fulfilling marital bond. Remember, marriage is a beautiful journey, and with the right knowledge and effort, it can truly be an amazing and rewarding experience.


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