【CC Lyrics】LAY Zhang – MYM (Miss You Much)



【CC Lyrics】LAY Zhang – MYM (Miss You Much)


Today, we will be exploring the lyrics of the song « MYM (Miss You Much) » by Lay Zhang. This heartfelt track was composed and arranged by Lay Zhang, Command Freaks, and Maeng Yonze. Let’s dive into the emotional journey portrayed in the lyrics.

Verse 1: Baby, your soft voice

The song begins with Lay Zhang expressing his admiration for his loved one’s soft voice, which has the power to open his heart. He confesses that he didn’t hold anything back and entered their heart without any prior preparation.

Chorus: Releasing the hormone

In the chorus, Lay Zhang talks about releasing hormones, indicating the strong attraction he feels towards his partner. However, she considers him a fool for reasons unknown to him.

Verse 2: I’ve got a bad habit of thinking about you

Lay Zhang admits to having a bad habit of constantly thinking about his loved one, acknowledging that this behavior is not healthy. He desires for her to be the center of his life, but she continually tells him no.

Bridge: 21:30, the time you told me

The bridge refers to a specific moment, 21:30, when she shared something significant with Lay Zhang. This moment seems to have a deep impact on him, making him sink deeper into his feelings for her.

Verse 3: The temptation in darkness is attractive

Lay Zhang describes the allure of the darkness and its tempting nature. Despite her ignoring him and giving him false hope, he finds himself unable to resist her.


« MYM (Miss You Much) » by Lay Zhang delves into the emotions of longing and desire for a lost love. Through the lyrics, we witness Lay Zhang’s struggle to move on from this person who left such a profound impact on his life. The song beautifully captures the complexities of love and the difficult journey of letting go.


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