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Hot Tub Streams on Twitch: A Controversial Trend


Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show. In today’s episode, we will be discussing the growing trend of hot tub streams on Twitch. While Twitch is primarily known for gaming, its just chatting section has gained popularity for various activities, including talk shows and watching internet content.

The Hot Tub Stream Phenomenon

Recently, a new trend has emerged on Twitch involving primarily women sitting in a hot tub in a bathing suit while interacting with viewers. This type of content is allowed by Twitch’s rules, as long as it falls within their coverage standards and is considered a contextual exception. Some streamers, like indiefoxx, have gained large followings through hot tub streams, although they have also faced bans. Amouranth has become a prominent figure in this trend, attracting attention from various publications.

The Debate and Controversy

The hot tub stream phenomenon has sparked a heated debate within the Twitch community. Some argue that these streams are tasteless and detrimental to the platform, while others believe that streamers should have the freedom to express themselves and that criticism is rooted in slut-shaming and anti-women sentiment.

Well-known Twitch personalities have also weighed in on the issue. xQc expressed his disdain for the hot tub meta, calling it pathetic and urging Twitch to remove it from the front page. On the other hand, streamers like Hillary Pokket Nicole argued that it is unfair to blame the women participating in hot tub streams, emphasizing Twitch’s responsibility to enforce its own rules consistently.

Sexual Content and Normalization

The hot tub stream trend has ignited a broader conversation about sexual content on the platform. AnnieFuchsia, a Swedish streamer, highlighted the normalization of sexual content through a viral clip. She questioned why certain attire and activities are considered normal on Twitch while more explicit content is classified as pornography.

Some argue that normalizing sexual content may lead to viewers expecting it from other streamers who choose not to engage in such activities. However, others argue that this issue can be addressed through audience moderation and banning disrespectful viewers.

Personal Opinions and Perspectives

Philip DeFranco shares his perspective on the matter, acknowledging the constant policing of female bodies in society and the role of private companies in setting and enforcing rules. He believes that if Twitch allows this content within its terms of service, then streamers who take advantage of it are maximizing their opportunities. He reflects on his own past decisions and acknowledges his support for individuals reclaiming their power and control over their bodies.

Notably, Valkyrie, one of the biggest female streamers on any platform, expressed a similar opinion, questioning why there is an issue as long as nobody is being harmed.


The hot tub stream trend on Twitch has sparked controversy and ignited discussions about sexual content, body policing, and the role of private companies. While opinions vary, it is clear that this trend has brought attention to broader issues within the streaming community. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how Twitch and its community will navigate these complex topics.


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