She Tried to Scam Her Followers But It Completely Backfired


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Caroline Calloway: From Social Media Influencer to Scam Allegations

Caroline Calloway, a well-known social media influencer, found herself in hot water at the end of 2018. She had been advertising an event billed as a creativity seminar, which attracted many of her followers eager to learn from her. Despite the hefty ticket price of $165, her ardent supporters didn’t hesitate to reserve their spots, enticed by the promise of a salad and assorted keepsakes.

However, when attendees arrived at the seminar in Brooklyn, New York, they quickly realized that the event did not meet their expectations. This led to allegations of fraud against Calloway, with writer Kayleigh Donaldson even dedicating a lengthy Twitter thread warning others about what she described as a scam. Comedic actor Seth Rogen also joined in on the backlash, comparing the event to the infamous Fyre Fest.

Calloway tried to downplay the situation, attributing it to a lack of preparation on her part and expressing hope that she and Rogen could one day laugh about the incident. However, this was not the first time Calloway had faced controversy.

Before the seminar debacle, Calloway had already established herself as a social media influencer. While studying at Cambridge University, she gained a following on Instagram. However, it was later revealed that she had spent money on ads and purchased followers to rapidly grow her audience. She also enlisted the help of Natalie Beach, a former classmate at New York University, to produce content for her Instagram account. Their friendship eventually soured, leading to public disparagement.

In her pursuit of fame, Calloway attempted to secure a lucrative book deal. She misrepresented herself as a client to a literary agent, Byrd Leavell, to secure a six-figure advance. However, the book never materialized, and Calloway was forced to return the advance. Beach, who had been enlisted to ghostwrite the book, later exposed Calloway in a scathing tell-all essay.

After the failed book deal, Calloway turned her attention to organizing the seminar. However, attendees quickly discovered that the workshops did not align with what was advertised. Donaldson, in her Twitter thread, highlighted numerous discrepancies and evidence supporting the claims of a scam. Calloway was even looking for free photographers, only reluctantly agreeing to pay after backlash. She also reneged on several promised perks and made last-minute changes to the workshops, causing further frustration among attendees.

Amid mounting criticism and backlash, Calloway eventually canceled all future workshops. Eventbrite confirmed that refunds were issued to all ticket holders. Calloway attempted to downplay her failures, citing her inexperience and lack of understanding of event planning. Some of her fans gave her the benefit of the doubt, claiming they still had fun despite the shortcomings.

Despite her efforts to rehabilitate her public image, the details of the workshop continue to haunt Calloway. With millions of search engine results, many posts and articles still reference this low point in her online career. In addition to the workshop controversy, Calloway’s former friend, Beach, publicly spoke out about her role in crafting Calloway’s Instagram persona, adding further fuel to the fire.

While Calloway has made efforts to raise money for charitable organizations, skeptics remain and question her motives. The saga of Caroline Calloway serves as a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of social media fame and the dangers of promising more than one can deliver.


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