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Perpetual Pizza! – DONG


In a recent video by Vsauce, Jake expresses his love for pizza, especially when it’s from Perpetual Pizza. He also mentions a translation party website that can generate deep and meaningful phrases by translating them back and forth between English and Japanese.

Exploring Earth’s History

Jake introduces an interesting website called Nicolas Cage Roulette, which randomly selects a Nicolas Cage movie for you to stream on Netflix. He then mentions that the BBC has created a guide to the 26 biggest turning points in Earth’s history, starting from the birth of our planet. It covers events like the Cambrian Explosion and the Triassic Extinction. For those who miss the dinosaurs, Jake suggests visiting Jurassic World, a convincing website with park cams and a map to plan your trip.

Trippy Experiences

Jake discovers the Spiral Art Generator, a tool that allows you to create unique spiral designs by adjusting various parameters. He also mentions Live Mocha, a platform where you can learn a language for free by earning points through practice. Jake personally enjoys learning Japanese. Additionally, he introduces Thu’um, a translator, dictionary, and pronunciation guide for the dragon language from Elder Scrolls.

Entertainment and Games

Jake shares some entertainment options, such as Iron Maiden songs done entirely in chiptune and the Particle YouTube player, which allows you to change parameters and discover new videos. He introduces 5by, a platform that curates content based on your interests. Jake also mentions Binge Clock, a handy tool that tells you how much time you need to dedicate to binge-watch an entire TV series.

For those with creative ideas, Jake recommends Idea Swap, where you can share your idea and receive a random idea in return. He shares his own idea of starting a band and uses Daft Punkonsole and Simple Stitch to create his ultimate cover band. To find a unique band name, Jake suggests using a hipster band name generator called Moon Youth. For cover art, he recommends using Coolor, a tool that generates random colors for fine-tuning and selection. For a truly hip experience, Jake suggests trying Emoji Painter, a clever game that reveals a hidden message once you finish.

Small Games to Enjoy

Jake mentions a playable Bayonetta mini game on the developer’s website’s 404 page. He then introduces Fear Less, an endless runner game where the objective is to outrun Death while battling wild inhabitants and avoiding obstacles. Jake also recommends Hextris, a puzzle game where you rotate a hexagon to match colors and clear rows or columns. Finally, he mentions the Inspirograph, a digital version of the Spirograph toy that allows you to create geometric drawings and share them.

Creating Poetry and Listening to JAMs

Jake shares a DONG he discovered on Twitter called Poetweet, which uses your tweets to create poetry in various formats. He then mentions a playlist of awesome music he created on WEsauce, where you can discover new music while exploring DONGs.


Jake concludes the video by thanking viewers for watching and encourages them to try out the DONGs he shared. The Perpetual Pizza website and the translation party are just a couple of the many interesting and entertaining online experiences available.


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