Mata – Szmata


# Mata – Szmata

## Bringing Her Home

I’m bringing her home with me, down to get nasty and kinky. I’m sippin’ my vodka while sake is what she’s drinking. I’ve thought briefly that Mata was a matafucker simply. But it’s not to like that clearly, I’ll do your bidding, now pimp me.

## Different Life

That’s because I don’t know how to live a different life. Carried so many people on my back that I hurt my spine. All they do is ride me saying it feels spicy. That I’m so mighty cute, I could be devouring them wildly, but what for. I just want to have some breakfast, but so far I’m the main course.

## Motherfucking Sex Slave

I’m nothing but raw meat, surrounded by hungry carnivores. Do me like you want, shortie, treat me like you want (please, I beg you). Because I’m nothing but a motherfucking sex slave. You order me to lick you up until you reach the high orbit. Even though I should be a VIP in my crib, I’m your whore, please, I want to be all yours (so once again).

## Sordid Hoe

Slap my face like an ass, no one will ever know. I’m blazing up my hash while she drops acid on her tongue. I’m all so bruised and scratched, ‘though my crib ain’t no Fight Club. You tell me to lose my undies, ‘cause you don’t like me in my tight whites (let’s play!).

## Fucking Gigolo

Weapons hot each day like Sylvester Stallone. They want to shoot sex tapes, ‘cause I’m ready to bone. Blue pills and Panadol and that’s pretty much all, nothing else but blue pills and Panadol. One panadol or two? Five! You put thermometer in your mouth? Watch out for what’s inside. You eat a bit of me. My mattress’s a pillory. I’m just for now, but If you’ll call I’ll come willingly. Because I’m nothing but a fucking gigolo.

## Conclusion

I dedicate my bars to both the tits I own. I’ll have a sore dick tomorrow fo’ sho, but it’s the way it goes. I’ll have a sore dick, but fuck that ‘cause I’m a sordid hoe. I don’t like to use rubbers, but I have to. One broad thought that MAT’s name was actually Matthew. But the sex was so great and I didn’t care to set her straight and acted like that’s true. Love music for sex, too. Blue Face helps me gets through so do Usher, other beats that hypnotize and my synchronized hips don’t lie. I’m sleepless, so I’m up. You wanted it, you go it, motherfuck trap! She has a tat with a crown, we’re playing Fetty Wap. A tattoo with a crown, so it’s my time to… fuck.


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