Big secret Hamster Kombat鉂楋笍馃ぉ How is this possible? When is the Hamster token listing?


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Big secret Hamster Kombat鉂楋笍馃ぉ How is this possible? When is the Hamster token listing?

The Mysterious Announcement

Yesterday, an intriguing post was shared on the official Hamster channel, revealing the creation of the latest 11th League. This sparked curiosity among players, urging them to closely monitor the rankings. Upon investigation, an unusual discovery was made – a player ranked fourth with a staggering income of 41,000 per hour and a balance of 18 billion. How did this player achieve such a feat without upgrading their cards?

Suspicions Arise

Several theories have emerged to explain this anomaly. Could this player be a developer or a prominent influencer? Or perhaps, it’s a deliberate move by the Hamster Kombat developers to emulate a similar project involving token donations. The resemblance to a previous Telegram post welcoming a prominent figure, Pav D, further fuels speculation.

Pav D’s Involvement

Pav D’s engagement with the game has been a topic of discussion, with suggestions that he may have received special treatment to boost his hourly earnings. However, his busy schedule may hinder his ability to fully immerse in the game. For further insights and guidance on maximizing profits, players are encouraged to join the Telegram community.

Exciting Developments

Pav D recently shared statistics and upcoming token listings on his Telegram channel, hinting at exciting developments in the Hamster Kombat game. The anticipation surrounding the Hu token release on the blockchain adds to the intrigue. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to enhance your gaming experience.

Speculations and Discussions

The significance of the number 18 billion remains a topic of speculation among players, prompting discussions on its potential implications. Could it be a reference to future token releases or significant dates? Share your thoughts in the comments section and join the active discussions on Telegram to engage with the community.

Join the Conversation

For those interested in delving deeper into the world of Hamster Kombat and exploring new opportunities for growth and engagement, the Telegram community offers a platform for collaboration and support. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and discussions – join the Telegram channel today!


As the mystery surrounding the extraordinary player rankings and upcoming token listings deepens, players are encouraged to stay informed and actively participate in the community discussions. Subscribe for more updates and engage with fellow players to make the most of your Hamster Kombat experience. Thank you for your support, and until next time, farewell!


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