ChatGPT Diagnoses Rare Disease! #ai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt


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# ChatGPT Diagnoses Rare Disease! #ai #artificialintelligence #chatgpt

## A Mother’s Desperate Search for Answers

Courtney’s four year old son Alex started experiencing mysterious pains and behavioral changes. After consulting with 17 specialists over a three year period, Courtney felt hopeless. Looking for anything that could possibly help figure out what was wrong with Alex, Courtney turned to ChatGPT, a machine learning based AI program. She meticulously entered all of Alex’s symptoms and MRI details.

## The AI Diagnosis

ChatGPT suggested a diagnosis called Tethered Cord Syndrome, a rare condition where the spinal cord becomes attached to tissue, causing abnormal stretching and a multitude of other symptoms. She took the diagnosis to a neurosurgeon who indeed confirmed that this was the correct diagnosis.

## Recovery and Advocacy

Alex is now recovering post surgery, and Courtney is advocating for parents to be relentless in seeking answers. ChatGPT’s accurate diagnosis highlights how it can be a valuable partner in the healthcare space.

This story showcases the power of AI in assisting with medical diagnoses and providing hope where there seemed to be none.


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