Uri the kind man: discovers a missing single mother, Lý Tử Tiêu


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# Uri The Kind Man: Discovers a Missing Single Mother, Lý Tử Tiêu

## A Day on the Construction Site

Today, Uri’s health has improved significantly, and he decides to visit the construction site to check on the progress of the work. Despite it being a day off for the workers, Uri still takes the time to inspect the site.

## A Troubling Encounter

While on the site, Uri is approached by someone looking for him. The conversation takes a tense turn as the person expresses their feelings towards Uri. Despite Uri’s clear rejection, the individual persists, causing a rift between them.

## Concerns and Confusion

As Uri continues his work, he begins to feel dizzy and decides to take a break. However, his thoughts are consumed by worries about a missing person, Tu Tieu. The situation becomes more perplexing as clues about Tu Tieu’s whereabouts start to surface.

## The Search for Tu Tieu

Uri’s concern for Tu Tieu grows, leading him on a search to find her. Despite his efforts to locate her, Tu Tieu remains elusive, leaving Uri anxious and determined to uncover the truth.

## A Mysterious Disappearance

As Uri delves deeper into the mystery of Tu Tieu’s disappearance, he encounters unexpected obstacles and challenges. The urgency to find her intensifies, driving Uri to explore every lead and possibility.

## A Revelation and Resolution

Amidst the confusion and uncertainty, Uri receives a revelation that sheds light on Tu Tieu’s whereabouts. With newfound clarity, Uri embarks on a mission to reunite with Tu Tieu and unravel the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

## Conclusion

Uri’s journey to find Tu Tieu is a testament to his compassion and determination. Through his unwavering efforts, he not only discovers the missing single mother but also uncovers a deeper connection that transcends the challenges they face.


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