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# Celebrating Lunar New Year with Mom’s Ingredients

## Introduction
As we step into 2022, a year of self-care and simplicity, we embark on a special journey to celebrate Lunar New Year in a unique way. This year marks a significant moment for me as it is the first Lunar New Year without my mom, who passed away last October. Despite the grief, I have found a way to honor her memory through the ingredients she left behind in her kitchen.

## Embracing Mom’s Ingredients
In this episode of « Budget Eats, » we dive into Mom’s pantry and fridge to discover a treasure trove of ingredients waiting to be transformed into delicious dishes. From leftover veggies like cilantro, cucumbers, Chinese chives, and Napa cabbage to frozen pork, fish, smoked tofu, and fermented black beans, Mom’s kitchen holds a variety of surprises.

## A Week of Chinese-inspired Meals
Instead of cramming all the recipes into one day, I have decided to spread out the cooking over a week to honor the tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year over several days. While my dishes may not be traditional or authentic, they are a heartfelt tribute to Mom and the spirit of the holiday. From dumplings and fish to cold salads and hot dishes, each meal is infused with love and memories of Mom.

## Exploring Chinese New Year Traditions
While there are classic dishes like braised pork knuckles and walnut cucumber salad traditionally enjoyed during Chinese New Year, the celebration varies across regions and families. The importance of fish and dumplings in bringing wealth and abundance is a common theme, along with the tradition of eating Tang Yuan or yuan xiao on the 15th day of the new year to symbolize unity and togetherness.

## Conclusion
As we embark on this culinary journey to celebrate Lunar New Year with Mom’s ingredients, we embrace the spirit of family, tradition, and love that transcends borders and time. This year, as we take it easy and honor Mom’s memory, we find solace in the simple joys of cooking, eating, and coming together as a community. Cheers to a new year filled with love, abundance, and delicious food.


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