Love Flourishes In Mindelo | Sailing Galopin In Cabo Verde West Africa | Season 5 | Episode 70


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# Love Flourishes In Mindelo | Sailing Galopin In Cabo Verde West Africa | Season 5 | Episode 70

## A Cape Verdean Love Story
The episode starts with the Cape Verdean love story, where Catering Camille got married this afternoon. « He got married today man, fantastic too beautiful come, » said one of the attendees. Camille had been fighting with paperwork for two years, but now it was finally done.

## A Joyous Celebration
The wedding celebration included the crew from the marina, traveling sailors, and some of Edda’s family members. Camille’s parents even came from France for the event. Everyone had a great time, as is always the case in Mindelo, where everyone loves a good party.

## Repairing the Rudder
After the wedding, Jean and Louis got to work repairing the broken rudder. Sailing around the islands presented challenges, but Jean was determined to get back to sea soon. Meanwhile, Vito had sent a painter to do some decorative work, which turned out pretty darn good.

## A Day Trip on the Canal
To celebrate the newlyweds, a day trip on the canal was organized. Conditions were perfect, with 15 to 20 knots of wind. Edda, who had never been on a sailboat before, proved to be a natural sailor. The day ended with a celebration in the best French way, with fresh water, clear music, and Cabo Verdian favorites.

## Conclusion
As the day came to an end, the group made their way back to Mindelo. Unfortunately, Camille had to fly out soon and miss out on Mindelo’s white party. The episode concluded with an invitation to like and subscribe to the channel for more adventures aboard Sailing Galopin.


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