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# Dance Moms: Appreciating Mrs. Miller’s Influence (Season 4 Flashback)

## Abby Lee Miller’s Absence

This week, moms, I may not be there. As you know, my mother is dying. She’s not going to get better, she’s not going to be cured. Right now, what the hospice care tries to do is to make her comfortable. Can I say something? I just want to tell you thank you so much for letting me be such a part of your mom’s life. These past couple of years, your mom, like I told her today, she looked right in my eyes and I said, « You know Mom, you are my mom now, because my mom left me so long ago. I love her so much. I love you.

## The Importance of Dance Teachers

There are good teachers, and there are bad dance teachers. But every dance teacher has to love children. They would never do this job. There are a million other jobs that you could do besides this.

## Remembering Mrs. Miller

It’s competition day today, and Abby’s not on the bus, which we’re– normally have her here, but we’re thinking about her because she’s with her mom, and that’s where she needs to be. But she is where she needs to be. She is with her mother. We all do what we need to do. And also to make Abby proud, and maybe just not of Abby, and Mrs. Miller, take a moment of silence on the bus ride before we actually get to our destination. Just to think about some positive and happy memories of Mrs. Miller. Because to be honest with you, You are her living legacy.

## Reflecting on Mrs. Miller’s Influence

When you girls go on stage today, and every time after this, Mrs. Miller is the reason that you’re on stage, and the reason that you’re performing and the reason that you guys are so good. She is behind it all. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for bringing us all here today, but most importantly, we are also thankful for allowing Mrs. Miller to be a part of our lives and that her legacy will continue to live on in each and every one of us, because she has touched us. And please anoint each girl that they will do a phenomenal job on stage and bring home our 13th victory for the team. Amen.

As the Dance Moms team remembers and appreciates Mrs. Miller’s influence, they are reminded of the impact she has had on their lives and performances. Mrs. Miller’s legacy continues to inspire and motivate them, even in her absence.


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