How To Configure Proxy On iPhone || how to setup proxy in iphone || POTATSO lite || FREE proxy app


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How To Configure Proxy On iPhone || how to setup proxy in iphone || POTATSO lite || FREE proxy app


Hey, what’s up guys and gals? If you need to use proxies on your iPhone, you can connect them via Potatso. It is a free app.

Downloading Potatso

Firstly, download Potatso from the app store. Use the link in the description below. Open the app.

Adding a Proxy

Press “Continue”. Now press the “Add a Proxy” button. We will manually configure the proxy, so choose “Add”.

Obtaining Proxy Data

We need a proxy data that will be used to connect the proxy via Potatso. We can google free general proxies. But it is recommended to use individual proxies from trusted services like Astroproxy. Check the link of this proxy provider below.

Configuring Proxy Settings

If we need a new proxy, we should add the port by clicking the « + Order port » button. Then we fill in the required data like IP, port, login, and password.

Filling Proxy Info in Potatso

In the Type line, select HTTP. In the Host field, copy and paste proxy “Server”. Write the HTTP port in the Port field. If using a proxy with a username and password, provide the login and password details.

Connecting the Proxy

Click the “Play” button. The message: “Potatso” Would Like to Add VPN Configurations, opens. Click “Allow”. Enter your iPhone password if it asks for a password. Congratulations! We connected the proxy.

Disabling or Adding Another Proxy

To disable the proxy, tap the “stop” button. You can add another proxy by the “+” button. To add a socks5 proxy, select Socks5 protocol Type, write proxy IP, login, and password, then press “done”.


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