Drunk Irish People Try Building Gingerbread Houses


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# Building Santa’s House: A Drunk Architect Challenge

## Introduction
In a hilarious turn of events, the Try Channel team decided to take on the challenge of building Santa’s house while slightly intoxicated. With their competitive spirits and love for confectionary, they embarked on a festive adventure to create their own gingerbread houses.

## The Challenge Begins
As the team delved into the task at hand, it quickly became apparent that they were not your traditional architects. With banter and laughter filling the air, they set out to follow the instructions on the box and create their masterpieces.

## The Competitive Spirit
Despite their lack of architectural background, the Try Channel members were determined to outdo each other in this challenge. From debating the use of horns to joking about their lack of skills, the competition was fierce and hilarious.

## Unforeseen Obstacles
As the gingerbread houses started to take shape, it became clear that not everything was going according to plan. From using roofs as foundations to struggling with the icing, the team faced unexpected obstacles that only added to the fun.

## Reflections on Tradition
Amidst the chaos and laughter, the team pondered the cultural significance of building gingerbread houses. Is it a symbol of creating a happy home or simply a festive tradition? Regardless, they embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and humor.

## Conclusion
In the end, the Try Channel team may not have created architectural wonders, but they certainly had a memorable experience building Santa’s house. With laughter, competition, and a lot of icing, they proved that sometimes the best creations come from a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun.


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