My Enemy from Arcane | Female Cover & Cosplay 💙JINX💙


My Enemy from Arcane | Female Cover & Cosplay 💙JINX💙


Upon waking up to the sounds of silence, the protagonist in the song « My Enemy » embarks on a journey through a world where friends turn into foes and enemies lurk around every corner. The lyrics paint a picture of betrayal, resilience, and the constant struggle to navigate a hostile environment.

The Betrayal

As the protagonist moves through life, they experience a series of betrayals. From words of praise turning into words of hatred to laughter in the halls morphing into mocking names, the protagonist faces constant challenges to their sense of self-worth and identity.

Resilience and Defiance

Despite the adversity, the protagonist remains resilient. They stack the negativity in their mind, waiting for the moment to show their detractors what they are truly capable of. With words like weapons, they are ready to fight back and prove their worth.

The Road Ahead

As the song progresses, the protagonist expresses a sense of determination and defiance. They are prepared to face any challenge, with their energy focused on moving forward and leaving their enemies behind. The road ahead may be long, but the protagonist is ready to accelerate towards their goals.


« My Enemy » is a powerful anthem of resilience, defiance, and the drive to overcome obstacles. In a world where everyone seems to want to be an enemy, the protagonist stands tall and refuses to back down. The song captures the essence of fighting against adversity and emerging stronger on the other side.


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