Single mother: Police helped my family build a bamboo house in 3 days | Ly Thi Duyen


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# Single mother: Police helped my family build a bamboo house in 3 days

## A new beginning for Ly Thi Duyen and her family

Ly Thi Duyen, a single mother, recently expressed her gratitude as her family embarked on the construction of a new house. This long-awaited dream has finally become a reality for her and her loved ones.

## Support from the community and government

The video shows the efforts of the police and government officials who came together to support Ly Thi Duyen and her family in building their new home. From providing bamboo for construction to financial assistance, the community rallied around the family to ensure they had a safe and secure place to live.

## A labor of love

Despite facing challenges and setbacks, the family remained determined and focused on completing the construction of their new home. With hard work and dedication, they were able to make significant progress in just three days.

## Gratitude and hope for the future

Ly Thi Duyen expressed her heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported her family throughout the building process. As the house nears completion, she looks forward to a brighter future for herself and her son, Bé Nguyen.

## A message of resilience and community spirit

The story of Ly Thi Duyen and her family is a testament to the power of community support and resilience in the face of adversity. Through collaboration and kindness, they were able to turn their dreams into reality and build a new home filled with hope and promise.


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