Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season – ‘Buddy Oath’ (Official Opening Video)


Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season – ‘Buddy Oath’ (Official Opening Video)

The season has changed, it’s time for adventure

Remembering the days that I’ll forever treasure

You were always by my side, over the years have gone

Even after our brimming past, our story’s only just begun!

There will be a time, or two

That you’d be feeling blue

And deep inside you’d be lonely too

But I’ll be there, I promise you

No matter what it takes

I know we’ll take it through

You and I, we’ll reach our dream

A promise that we hold

Together we’re the greatest team

Stronger as we grow

You and I, with hands held tight

To the future that unfolds

Always with a brightest smile

Forever, it’s our Buddy Oath!


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