Rare Shigeru Miyamoto Japanese TV Interview [Pikmin, How He Gets Ideas, Western Games, and more!]


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# Bouncing Ball: Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Culture Extravaganza

## A Special Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto

Since his debut, Hitoshi Matsumoto has made people laugh in many different forms – in film, through variety shows and stand-up comedy to name just a few. And yet, for Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Culture Extravaganza, there was one specific person he had in mind when the plan to carry out a special interview was put in motion. That person is the humble creator Shigeru Miyamoto, known for his work in the video game industry.

## Shigeru Miyamoto: A Legendary Figure

Shigeru Miyamoto, age 58, is a creator from a particular industry, one who commands the utmost respect in the field of video games. His magnum opus, the Super Mario series, has sold over 250 million copies worldwide, solidifying his place as a pioneer in game development. Over the course of 30 years, Miyamoto has stood at the forefront of game development, helping Nintendo become a worldwide leader in the industry.

## A Meeting of Minds

The special interview between Hitoshi Matsumoto and Shigeru Miyamoto begins with a discussion on Miyamoto’s creative process and the impact of his games. Matsumoto expresses his admiration for Miyamoto’s ability to maintain a child-like quality in his work, while still advancing his skills as a creator. Miyamoto shares insights into his creative process, emphasizing the importance of player experience and staying true to his artistic vision.

## The Art of Creation

As the conversation delves deeper into their respective creative processes, Matsumoto and Miyamoto explore the importance of authenticity and collaboration in the creative industry. Miyamoto reflects on the balance between individual creative decisions and team collaboration, highlighting the significance of creating experiences that resonate with players.

## A Shared Appreciation

In a candid moment, Matsumoto expresses his admiration for Miyamoto’s work on games like Mario 64, showcasing the impact of Miyamoto’s creations on his own life. The interview concludes on a note of mutual respect and appreciation for the art of creation, highlighting the enduring influence of Miyamoto’s work in the world of video games.

Through this special interview, Hitoshi Matsumoto and Shigeru Miyamoto offer a glimpse into the minds of two iconic creators, showcasing the power of creativity and collaboration in the world of entertainment.


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