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# The Rarely Talked About Quality Great Men Find Attractive in Women

## A Touching Story of Love and Loss

In a world where superficial qualities often take the spotlight, there is a rare and deeply attractive quality that great men find in women. This quality was brought to light as Mat Boggs, the founder of the Love and Relationships Division of the Brave Thinking Institute, observed a reality dating show with his wife.

As they watched the dynamics unfold, one particular quality stood out – a quality that seemed to draw men in like a magnet. This quality was not the typical physical attributes or charm, but something deeper and rarely talked about.

### The Story of Kimberly Marie: The Miracle of Love

Kimberly Marie shared a poignant story titled « The Miracle of Love » that beautifully encapsulates this elusive quality. After her husband Mark passed away, he left her with explicit instructions to promise him that she would not close herself off to love. Despite her initial reluctance and overwhelming grief, Kimberly found herself at a crossroads two years after Mark’s death.

Encouraged by a neighbor to consider dating again, Kimberly hesitantly agreed to meet a man named Tom. What followed was a series of serendipitous coincidences that seemed to align their paths in ways that felt almost orchestrated by the universe.

From shared birthplaces to similar interests and uncanny connections to her late husband, Kimberly realized that meeting Tom was more than just chance – it was a gift from her late husband and a reminder to embrace life fully.

### Embracing Love After Loss

Through her journey of grief and healing, Kimberly found solace and joy in Tom’s presence. His kindness, compassion, and genuine nature not only filled a void in her heart but also reminded her of the beauty and vibrancy of life.

Despite the doubts and uncertainties that come with starting anew after loss, Kimberly chose to heed her late husband’s advice and keep the door open to love. In doing so, she discovered a love that not only brought her back to life but also reaffirmed the power of resilience and hope in the face of loss.

As Kimberly and Tom’s story continues to unfold, it serves as a testament to the transformative power of love and the rare quality that great men find undeniably attractive in women – the courage to love again, even in the face of loss and grief.


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