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# The Breakup: Turning Pain into Power

## Understanding the Impact of Getting Dumped
Let’s talk about one of the most important moments in any person’s love life. No, it’s not the day they get married, and it is not the moment they meet that special someone. It’s the moment you get dumped. When you’ve really given yourself to a relationship, you’ve opened your heart, you’ve poured yourself in, and you get dumped, how you handle that moment determines whether or not your love life gets set back years, whether you formed blocks that prevent you from having what it is that you want in your life, or whether or not you use that moment to actually propel you forward in your love life.

## Three Steps to Transform Your Breakup Experience
Today, I’m going to give you three things. If you’ve been dumped, three things that you can do immediately to prevent that experience from becoming a barrier and instead allowing it to be a breakthrough in your love life. Watch this.

### 1. Tell Yourself an Empowering Story
Your mind’s gonna want to come at you with all kinds of disempowering thoughts when you face a breakup. Stand guard at the portal of your mind and cast aside any disempowering thoughts. Instead, tell yourself an empowering story. Give meaning to the events in your life and be careful about the meaning you give to a breakup. You have the power to create an empowered meaning that propels you forward in your love life.

### 2. Feel Your Feelings
Emotional pain from a breakup can be excruciating, but avoiding or suppressing those emotions will only store them up for later. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, as feeling them releases and re-patterns them. Dr. Joan Rosenberg’s research shows that emotions come in about 90-second waves, and allowing yourself to feel them fully can help you navigate through the intensity and come out on the other side.

### 3. Embrace the Transformation
Getting dumped can be a painful and transformational experience. Embrace the opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Use the breakup as a catalyst for personal development and a stepping stone towards finding a more fulfilling and authentic love in the future.

By following these three steps, you can turn the pain of a breakup into a powerful moment of growth and self-empowerment in your love life. Remember, the best is yet to come.


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